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Candidate 122915
Experience: HR/Recruiting, Admin/Support
Previous Roles: Records Technician, Driver/Trainer
Highest Degree Earned: MBA
Salary: $35k - $60k
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Candidate a12f69
Experience: HR/Recruiting
Previous Roles: Benefits Director, Benefits Manager
Highest Degree Earned: Bachelors of Business Administration
Salary: $60k - $80k
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Candidate e7e4a0
Experience: HR/Recruiting
Previous Roles: Vice President, Human Resources, Vice President Human Resources
Highest Degree Earned: Bachelor's
Salary: $125k - $175k
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Candidate a8a427
Experience: HR/Recruiting
Previous Roles: Human Resource Manager, Human Resource Manager
Highest Degree Earned: Bachelors of Science
Salary: $65k - $85k
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Candidate 348759
Experience: HR/Recruiting, Construction
Previous Roles: Corporate Training Specialist, Admissions & Recruiting Advisor
Highest Degree Earned: Graduate Degree - Law & Policy, Graduate Degree -
Salary: $53k - $60k
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Candidate 05e97c
Experience: HR/Recruiting, Manufacturing/Production
Previous Roles: Employer Management Supervisor, HR Manager
Highest Degree Earned: MBA/HRM
Salary: $55k - $85k
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Candidate 721e04
Experience: HR/Recruiting, Retail
Previous Roles: Sr. Manager - Field HR, Generalist
Highest Degree Earned: Bachelors
Salary: $68k - $80k
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Candidate 024d2d
Experience: HR/Recruiting, Healthcare
Previous Roles: Human Resources Manager, Human Resources Specialist
Highest Degree Earned: Currently working on MBA in Human Resources
Salary: $50k - $65k
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Candidate 634841
Experience: HR/Recruiting, Operations
Previous Roles: Director of Human Resources, Senior Human Resources Manager
Highest Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science
Salary: $75k - $90k
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Candidate f7dd39
Experience: HR/Recruiting
Previous Roles: Senior HR Representative/Employment Specialist, Director
Highest Degree Earned: Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
Salary: $50k - $65k
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