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Candidate 32fcc8
Experience: Healthcare, QA/Quality Control
Previous Roles: VP Organizational Excellence and Mission, Principal/Consultant
Highest Degree Earned: Master of Arts
Salary: $75k - $100k
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Candidate a2915a
Experience: Healthcare, Operations
Previous Roles: Vice President, Clinical Operations, Clinical Project Manager
Highest Degree Earned: MSW, MA
Salary: $135k - $185k
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Candidate 6e0917
Experience: Healthcare, Project/Program Management
Previous Roles: Managed Care Program Manager, Advocate/Training Coordinator
Highest Degree Earned: Masters
Salary: $70k - $85k
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Candidate 1ce83e
Experience: Healthcare, Telecommunications
Previous Roles: District Director,
Highest Degree Earned: MBA
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Candidate fe2d01
Experience: Healthcare, HR/Recruiting
Previous Roles: Contract Manager, Operations Manager
Highest Degree Earned: M.A.
Salary: $68k - $75k
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Candidate 958ad0
Experience: Healthcare, Sales/Bus. Dev/Acct. Mgmt
Previous Roles: US Sales Manager, National Sales Manager
Highest Degree Earned: Bachelor Of Science
Salary: $60k - $80k
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Candidate 89d3d7
Experience: Healthcare, Sales/Bus. Dev/Acct. Mgmt
Previous Roles: Managing Member, President & CEO
Highest Degree Earned: B.S.B.A
Salary: $125k - $200k
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Candidate 2e9777
Experience: Healthcare, Non-Profit
Previous Roles: executive sales representative, donor recruitment representative
Highest Degree Earned: BA
Salary: $65k - $100k
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Candidate fef6f9
Experience: Healthcare, Insurance
Previous Roles: Senior Financial Analyst - Decision Support, Senior Financial Analyst - Primary Care/Pharmacy
Highest Degree Earned: MBA (Expected)
Salary: $60k - $75k
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Candidate b448d8
Experience: Healthcare, Accounting/Finance
Previous Roles: Medical Billing Specialist, Reimbursement Analyst
Highest Degree Earned: BS
Salary: $45k - $55k
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