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Salary range: $75,000 to $95,000
Willing to relocate: No
Years of related job experience: 18
Highest degree earned: Bachelor of Science
Accreditations: Elected Sophomore Class Representative, student newsletter designer, Focussed studies on business marketing, employee management, and ethical leadership.,
Graphics Master Certification, with honors - one year, full-time digital graphic design training specializing in advertising design, text layout, and graphic illustration.
Languages: English
Software: Apple Mac OS X; Adobe CS; Adobe CC; Adobe InDesign; Adobe Photoshop; Adobe Lightroom; Adobe Premier; Adobe Illustrator; Apple Final Cut; Apple Motion; Affinity Designer; Canon Camera RAW; Microsoft Office;
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Candidate Code: c59bb6


The creative leader with diverse skills and experience your organization needs is here, and he is seeking a family friendly organization to passionately support. This experienced creative manager's success story includes adopting new technology to streamline operations, developing brand communications and developing meaningful communications to impact people.


Organization: Please reach us for these details!
Location: Nashville
Job title: Creative Manager
Years and months employed: 1 Year(s) 5 Month(s)
Responsibilities: Direct visual communications and create print materials for brands and sales teams internally, local retail chains and for our corporate partners worldwide. Leading a team to produce brand advertising for retail point of sales and wholesale distributor materials, including pre-press, print production, and signage. Creating memorable user experience, managing billable projects and inventory of production materials. Developing e-mail and social media communications, project database, print production and delivery workflow.

Organization: HappyFeet Nashville
Location: Nashville
Job title: Interim Diretor
Years and months employed: 6 Month(s)
Responsibilities: Direct business growth and development in 3 cities, growing a youth sports training program, hiring, training and scheduling 15 coaches in up to 30 programs weekly. Developed advertising and social media venues while implementing new internal processes and a new website. Added several league venues and major school programs to the regular schedule.

Organization: Corrections Corporation of America
Location: Nashville, TN
Job title: Senior Manager
Years and months employed: 8 Year(s) 4 Month(s)
Responsibilities: Art direction and creative management as a leader of a team of four creative designers - grown from a single designer role - in the CCA Communications team. Daily providing marketing solutions and communications service company wide, training junior designers and public communicators company wide with strategic talking points and strategic communications objectives. Implemented many new technologies for internal and external use, developed customer services, and employee training programs. Planned and implemented regional, national, and company-wide campaigns, while maintaining and promoting the internal and external brand messages.


Institution Name: Williamson College
Location: Franklin, TN
Degree earned: Bachelor of Science
Major/Concentration: Management and Ethics

Institution Name: Pioneer Computer School of Visual Technology
Location: Hooksett, NH
Degree earned: na
Major/Concentration: Graphic Design for Print


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