FiveChairs Recruiter2Recruiter Program

How it Works

As we have since 2003, FiveChairs continues to privately offer our services to other executive recruiters.

Here is how it works:

  1. You select a candidate from the FiveChairs TalentPool, to present to your employer-client.
  2. You complete our brief Terms of Service and provide it to us.
  3. We send the candidate contact information to you, along with other related information - without any FiveChairs branding - and you contact the candidate – without revealing that your source was FiveChairs.
    Notice: Confidential candidate (those without photos) are not included in this program, as we are unable to provide their contact information to others, without their prior approval.
  4. When a placement is made, we bill you our normal 9.9% rate and you earn the difference between your rate and ours.


Candidate Compensation: $100,000
Your Fee %: 25%
Your Gross Revenue $25,000
Less our fee ($9,900)
Your Net Revenue $15,100

This service is completely confidential and the candidate and client are never aware of our involvement in the transaction. As far as the candidate and your client are concerned, your recruiter found the candidate. The confidentiality clause in our Terms of Service provides you the assurance that our involvement will never be revealed.

This option is perfect for:

  • Executive recruiters who only do a small percentage of their business in Nashville.
  • Specialty recruiters who occasionally receive search opportunities outside their given practice area.

To learn more, feel free to reach us at or use the information on our Contact Us page.