What people are saying about FiveChairs...

Talent Seekers (Employers)

“If you are looking for an office full of slick, cuff-link wearing headhunters - working out of a tall, shiny building – you’ve come to the wrong place. FiveChairs strips away all of the executive recruiter pretense and burdensome overhead and delivers a simple, effective and affordable solution for all employers – regardless of the size.”

“FiveChairs turns traditional executive recruiters into relics of the past.”

“FiveChairs defies description – as they’ve created their own category. They find Nashville’s top talent for a fraction of what others charge employers.”


Talent (Job Candidates)

“Do they place all the local talent they represent? Of course not. Does any firm place more college-educated talent in Nashville. I sincerely doubt it.”

“If you want to remain in the Nashville area – and you want to throw an executive recruiter into your job search mix – FiveChairs is the place to turn.”

“While you’ll occasionally run into a naysayer – who plunked down the $95 to get their photo on the FiveChairs web site – and didn’t get a job in return… I defy anyone to show me a better way to effectively get in front of that many prospective Nashville employers. If you can’t risk $95 (for the online profile image), stay at home, watch Oprah and troll the job boards with 80,000 other Nashvillians.”