How it Works: Talent [Job Candidates]

The FiveChairs process will help speed your search for employment, connecting you with multiple talent seekers and saving valuable time. And we both know that getting you introduced to multiple talent seekers quickly and efficiently is paramount to saving you time…and money.

Here's how it works, and how to get started…

Submit Application
Submit your application and resumé. It takes less than a minute, and is risk/obligation free. If your qualifications, experience, and skill set meet the standards and criteria of the category you choose, you could…
Receive Invitation
Receive an invitation via email to accept one of five coveted chairs in an upcoming flight (regularly scheduled email campaigns). If you accept…
Submit More Info/Get Your Photo
You'll have approximately 5 business days to have your photo taken from our exclusive local photography partner plus go online to complete your profile page. Your invitation will contain instructions on attire, directions to the photo studio, and timeframe for sitting (usually 15 – 20 minutes). Your photographer's photo session fee is $95, and it's completely refunded once you're placed.
Email Flight Launched
Your photo, resumé, and profile page are prepared for the flight which will launch to hundreds, possibly thousands, of decision makers - depending on your category - in minutes. How long would it take you to personally introduce yourself to that many people?
Talent Seekers Contact You
Employers click on your candidate code matched with your photograph and review your candidate profile page. Along with your photo, this page contains the profile you completed and your downloadable resume. Only after employers complete the brief terms of service agreement can they contact you directly.
Accept an Offer!
You meet with an employer, receive a job offer or contract and presto…you're hired! You notify FiveChairs of the successful match and we remove your listing from our website. Mission accomplished!

Again, there is no cost or obligation to start working with FiveChairs. So submit your application and resumé today to be considered for an upcoming flight... your next employer is waiting to meet you!

Still have questions? Our list of frequently asked questions should help.