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Salary range: $48,000 to $70,000
Willing to relocate: No
Years of related job experience: 15
Highest degree earned: Master Of Science
President of The English Club Editor of The Literary Magazine 3rd Place award for Poetry STAR Volunteer ( Spanish Education)
Languages: Spanish and English
Software: Expert Level Microsoft Office Products including: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and Publisher MICROS
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Candidate Code: e99ce0


We are thrilled to introduce this dynamic professional with a Masters of Science in Management and Leadership plus an extensive background in instruction and training. Her powerful skill set includes client training as well as management and organizational socialization. This candidate excels in communication, staff motivation and enchancing staff input to improve the quality of the organization.


Organization: Please reach us for these details!
Location: Newtown CT
Job title: Trainer
Years and months employed: 1 Year(s)
Responsibilities: Cirriculum development; stakeholder relationship building; forecasting; training and delivery; designed and expanded training and development programmes based on both the needs of the organization and the individual.

Organization: LWS
Location: Nashville, TH
Job title: Trainer
Years and months employed: 4 Year(s) 9 Month(s)
Responsibilities: Serve of Board of Directors for 3 years; work with all major stakeholders to reach benchmarks; advise students; teach academic courses; develop and implement new programs; engage in program review; represent departments to internal and external constituencies; engage in long-range planning and facilities development; evaluate texts; committee and college service; public service; event management.

Organization: NewYork Presbyterian Hospital
Location: New York, NY
Job title: Senior Recognition Specialist
Years and months employed: 3 Year(s) 5 Month(s)
Responsibilities: Created and implemented programs that connected staff and employees with business goals;Consulted with C-Suite and senior management to identify and evaluate business initiatives that increased employee retention; developed data analysis methodologies and management reporting approaches; created effective strategic planning strategies; data sources, benchmarks, and performance targets; implemented organizational effectiveness interventions. Created competency models. Developed recognition programs that increased empoyee satifaction and engagement by 23%; Reducaed costs of programs by 15% while improving employee rention; developed measurements of employee performance as it aligned with organizational goals; resolved conflict within groups; forecasted potential organizational areas for improvement; recommend training and development systems; created definitions of desired individual or group performance.


Institution Name: Governors Western University
Location: Nashville, TN
Degree earned: Master Of Science
Major/Concentration: Management and Leadership
Year Graduated: 2015

Institution Name: Northeastern University
Location: Boston, MA
Degree earned: Bachelors
Major/Concentration: English/Sociology
Year Graduated: 1990


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