How it Works: Talent Search [Employers]

  Tell us what you're looking for
Start by giving us as much information as you can about the Talent you need. You have two options: one, you can submit a Talent Search Form; or two, send us a job description via email. Either way, the more information we have, the better our success in sourcing only the top candidates.
  Put some skin in the game
Yes, we require a nominal 'engagement fee' before we officially get started on a talent search - $995. It's about the same or less than you'd pay to advertise yourself for the position, without the headaches and time wastes associated with going down that path. When a candidate is hired as a result of our efforts (read: WHEN a candidate is hired from us), this fee is deducted from the 9.9% placement fee (for a local search - 14.9% for a national search).
  Let the search begin
Armed with a job description or Talent Search Form and the search fee, we're off to find as many leading candidates as possible within the next 30 days. Experience has told us that this timeframe is effecient, effective, with a little "positive stress" thrown in to get the job done! We'll communicate with you regularly with status updates, or even resumes as we approve them.
  Review, interview, and DO
Review the resumes we forward to you, interview as needed, and when the right candidate emerges, do the deed and get an offer on the table and accepted. We invoice for the 8.9% or 14.9% (local or national search respectively), the sun sets in the West, and we're ready for more searches the next day. It's really that simple.

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