Talent F.A.Q.

1. What makes FiveChairs different from other placement firms or executive recruiters?

Well, in a nutshell: no other placement firms or executive recruiters we've found introduce job seekers (talent) to hundreds, of employers (talent seekers) the way we do. Our tools include email, using photographs, personal introductions, profiles and resumés, and archival of categorized candidates…all at a fraction of the cost of other recruiters and agencies. We also allow unmonitored, unencumbered communication between talent and talent seekers, once the terms of service are accepted and the initial connection has been made. We make the introduction, you supply the rest.

2. What makes FiveChairs different from other online job sites, like Monster.com, CareerBuilder.com, and others?

We see a few important distinctions. These sites are typically passive channels of connecting you to talent seekers – you submit a resumé and wait for them to go online and find you. Or, you join hundreds of other job seekers looking for the same postings. At FiveChairs, we take a more active approach, delivering top talent directly to decision makers through our email flights. Also, we are not a repository for job listings. We have found many employers prefer a different approach to finding talent other than posting open positions. Sometimes employers create positions around the talent they find, or include talent in the formation of job descriptions rather than posting one on the web that might exclude good people.

3. What does it cost to get started with FiveChairs?

Nothing, nada! So don't hesitate to introduce yourself to us through your resumé. Read the next two questions and answers for more details.

4. What does it cost me if I'm selected for a chair?

Nil, nada, zero... absolutely nothing! FiveChairs does not charge you for applying, completing your profile or hosting your information on our website after your flight is launched. We have negotiated a photography fee of $95. However, that fee is rebated to you once you've been hired. (note: FiveChairs makes no income from this fee; in fact, we don't get paid until we place you with an employer).

5. Does it cost me anything if I'm hired? I understand it can cost an employer as much as 33% of my first year's compensation to go through a placement or executive recruiting firm.

Here's the scoop. We charge talent seekers a flat 9.9% of your estimated first year's compensation, which they'll gladly pay because it's significantly lower than the industry average fee of 20% to 33%. So to answer your question, no…it does not cost you anything if you're hired.

6. What are my chances of getting selected for a flight?

Talent selected for a seat on one of our flights are highly diverse, with a wide range of experiences, skill sets, backgrounds, years of service, and positions held. The needs of talent seekers are constantly changing, so our minimum standards and selection criteria changes slightly from time to time. All we can say is that it's truly an honor and privilege to be invited to sit for a flight, and we make every effort to balance your needs to get a seat with the needs of talent seekers looking for qualified talent.

7. Is there a way to get in more than one email flight?

As we've mentioned, our business model balances the needs of many kinds of talent and many talent seekers at the same time. The beauty of our flights is that they embrace and celebrate diversity – each email contains different, unique talent. We've found that talent seekers keep, and refer to, our emails for several weeks. They also frequent our website where they can easily find your profile page, photo and resumé as well. You'll have multiple exposures to potential talent seekers without being in every email.

8. Who determines the order of the chairs?

It's completely random, and we've found that talent seekers do not see talent in a horizontal row as having a first or last place.

9. Do I have to get my photo made?

Yes. This is part of the truly unique service we provide talent seekers and enhances your introduction to them.

10. What happens at the photo shoot?

Our exclusive local photographers are wonderful to work with and know exactly how to capture your distinct personality for a FiveChairs flight. Should your resumé be selected, then you will be asked to sit for a photo. The invitation you receive via email will give you instructions on what to wear and where to go. It typically takes between 15 and 20 minutes to sit for photos. You will have about 5 days to schedule and sit for your photo to meet the email flight schedule.

11. Can I get my photo made somewhere else or use my Mr. Universe or Ms. USA photo?

No. Our exclusive photography relationship ensures several key details are met: each of the five candidates in our email flights is presented in exactly the same way, the experience of our photography partner has your best interest in capturing your true professionalism, and frankly, we've negotiated a great price for getting this done.

12. Can I get copies of my photos for personal or professional use?

Sure. Our photography partner can help you with that, at an additional charge, at the time of your photo shoot.

13. Several photos were taken of me. Do I get to select the photo that is used on FiveChairs?

Our photography partner works very closely with FiveChairs to ensure all talent is presented uniquely within each flight. For this reason, trust that you're in good hands when we select the best photo for your introduction to talent seekers.

14. What if I can't get a photo made in the allotted time frame of 5 days?

We understand things happen: illness, vacation, your dog has puppies, etc. Here's our advice…check your email often! This is how we'll notify you of your selection for a coveted chair in an upcoming flight. If you catch this correspondence early enough, you should have five full days to arrange your schedule accordingly. If you just can't make it happen, we will reseat you in a future email flight once your photo session is completed.

15. How long are my photo, resumé, and profile kept on FiveChairs' website beyond the email flight?

We'll keep it on our website 12 months (though you'll probably be hired well in advance of that time period, in which case we'll remove it within 5 days).

16. What if I don't want to be marketed by FiveChairs anymore?

Again, we know things happen. Maybe you move out of state, or find a job through another source. Just notify us with the reason you'd like to be removed, and we'll comply with your request as soon as possible (usually within 5 business days)