Talent Seekers F.A.Q.

1. What makes FiveChairs different from other placement firms or executive recruiters?

Well, in a nutshell, no other placement firms or executive recruiters we've found introduce talent to talent seekers the way we do via email, using photographs, personal introductions, profile pages and resumés, as well as an archival of categorized talent…all at a fraction of the cost of other recruiters and agencies. Read more About Us for details on how FiveChairs came to be, and how we perceive our place in the market.

2. How can your fees be so competitive when I've paid between 20% and 33% in the past for other placements?

There are some things we do (and don't do) that have some effect on our fees. We do provide a diverse, experienced pool of talent in every email flight, chosen sometimes from hundreds of job seekers that you would otherwise have to sift through. We don't get involved in the communication or negotiation between you and the talent (candidates), and our method of email communication is very cost effective. Much like Southwest Airlines revolutionized air travel with low cost, no frills, and superior service, we see an opportunity to revolutionize an industry that's been somewhat stagnant, not very creative, and not a win-win for talent and talent seekers.

3. I saw some great candidates from an email a few weeks ago, but didn't save it. How can I find them?

Just go to the Talent Pool where you'll find all candidates from previous flights that are still available for hire.

4. Where do you find talent?

Well, honestly, talent finds us. Our extensive, but targeted, marketing efforts coupled with our unique method of connecting talent to talent seekers, seems to attract a diverse, experienced set of individuals. The many that are placed tend to share their experience with others, and good talent attracts other good talent.

5. How is talent selected for an email flight?

We carefully review hundreds of resumés to find five of the most diverse, creative, experienced talent in each respective category. We can tell you that our goal is not to find talent that are exactly alike, have the same skill sets, or the same experiences. The value of FiveChairs to you is the opportunity to see for yourself the many choices of talent available in the marketplace at any given time. We constantly review FiveChairs' placements to find trends and relationships between talent and talent seekers. We also do considerable research within categories to find emerging trends and growth sectors to better select talent for a particular flight.

6. What will it cost me to employ talent from FiveChairs?

Good question, even better answer – 9.9%. That's it. 9.9% of the new employee's anticipated first year compensation (including estimated bonuses and commissions, if applicable), payable within 10 days of the employee's start date. View our short terms of service for more details.

7. What happens if our talent quits after we pay the fee?

Again, this is outlined in more detail in our terms of service. But in short, if a talent's permanent placement simply does not work, for any reason, within the first 3 months, FiveChairs will allow you to select another talent free of charge.