You're almost ready to begin using the FiveChairs TalentPool which contains hundreds of top local candidates. Their profiles include professional photographs, information on candidates experience and skill sets, and downloadable resumes in PDF format. Browse by job category, and find recent college grads to executive level professionals, all at your fingertips.

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The Features

  • 9.9% placement fees for hiring any candidate from the Talent Pool
  • 3 month guarantee, regardless of the circumstances
  • Free weekly email notifications when new Talent are added

The Benefits

  • Readily available Talent means quicker hires
  • Simple “I’m Interested in this Candidate” button starts the process of connecting
  • Candidate-created profiles mean what you see is what you get - nothing manipulated
  • No registration, cost, or contracts - get ‘em when you need ‘em, 24/7
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